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Enjuku Racing specializes in performance automotive racing parts. They offer the lowest prices on Nissan aftermarket parts and other premium performance auto parts to informed racers. They also offer expert advice over the phone, unrivaled customer service, and the convenience of being able to shop from anywhere.

Metaveresnow specializes in helping small businesses achieve organic traffic and revenue growth. As we are a BigCommerce Partner, this racing parts retailer knew to turn to us for web development, web design, and our SEO services as they know we have the experience, knowledge, and connections to get them results. When they first came to us, their site was on the BigCommerce platform, and as they saw the effects of our SEO work, they soon came to realize that we could use BigCommerce’s full complement of services to update their site and see even better results.

Services Provided : PPC, SEO, Web Design, Web Development




Enjuku Racing first approached Metaveresnow looking to drive sales to their site through our SEO services. Their main goals were to see an increase in organic traffic and revenue. They had such great results and trust in us that they recently signed on with us to complete a new BigCommerce website re-build to improve page speed and update their overall design.

Enjuku had some limitations in their previous BigCommerce theme, including not being optimized for mobile. This was of particular concern as they receive around 80% of their traffic from mobile users. They wanted an updated site that would reflect their slick brand image and that would look, feel, and function more like their app. ADA Compliance was also important to this client and we made sure that their website followed all guidelines..




Design, Development, and Content Optimization

When we first started, our team created optimized copy for the site and corrected issues relating to slow page load speed. When Enjuku Racing approached us wanting to redesign their site, we suggested updating the design and user flow with BigCommerce as their open source software allows us to customize their website exactly how they wanted.

Metaveresnow recommended a site redesign and redevelopment as a holistic solution while preserving the existing URL structures and general flow. We redesigned and redeveloped the client’s site to look, act, and feel more like their app. As the majority of their traffic comes from mobile, we redesigned and redeveloped the client’s site to be more mobile-friendly. Coalition recommended a thorough audit of plugins with the need for speed as an end goal. We worked to style the remaining plugins in line with the client’s branding.

Designing A User-Friendly Website


As the majority of their traffic comes from mobile, we redesigned and redeveloped the client’s site to be more mobile-friendly. Coalition recommended a thorough audit of plugins with the need for speed as an end goal. We worked to style the remaining plugins in line with the client’s branding.

Metaveresnow redesigned the site with ADA compliance top-of-mind and made recommendations to the client to meet ADA compliance expectations and then redesigned and redeveloped the new site to meet ASA compliance as valued by the client. BigCommerce’s Stencil Cornerstone theme is a fantastic base to start from for ADA compliance. The Open SAAS architecture made it easy to make the rest of our code compliant. We were able to add aria titles to our icons and form labels to meet compliance.

BigCommerce Custom Widgets and Fields

BigCommerce also offers a native solution for lazy loading images that we incorporated into our widgets. We were able to build custom widgets in the Page builder for many components that Enjuku will be able to maintain and configure themselves such as: a double slider using the code from their native hero slider improved lazy loading and CLS (Cumulative Layour Shift) scores, responsive product banners, a custom brands section, testimonials slider, global banners on category and product pages, and custom description with images on category pages. We also added custom fields for extra information like hours and phone numbers for the client to update through the page builder.

Custom Functionalities


Using BigCommerce’s Stencil and Handlebars we were able to do the following: create a custom “Contact to Buy” functionality to send an email when a product is unavailable, implement custom subcategories with images section on category pages, create hosted custom banners and logos for category and product pages on WebDav server, implement a custom fixed mobile navigation bar, and build custom schemas for rich snippets for different pages.

Some of the things we did with JavaScript included designing and developing a dynamically-populating mega menu that featured product categories and subcategories that would best serve customer needs and behavior, creating custom category sidebar menus, integrating a third party search and filtering app, creating a custom popup with an Add to Cart button, implementing a Lightbox plugin to highlight gallery photos of racecars, adding a horizontal scroll area to highlight categories, and installing a Cookie library.

App Integrations


Some of the apps we recommended and used for this client included Affirm, PriceWaiter, Smile.io, Klaviyo. Using BigCommerce’s optimized one-page checkout, Affirm allows customers to split their purchase amount into convenient monthly payments. PriceWaiter is a BigCommerce app that encompasses a suite of conversion tools that engage visitors and converts comparison shoppers; this app is especially great for clearance inventory. We also installed Smile.io, a BigCommerce App that serves as a loyalty program with real-time rewards for buyers. Klaviyo is another BigCommerce App we recommended to our client. It uses site metrics to create relevant messages for users to ensure personalized experiences and a growth in revenue for our client.

Final Product

Browse through screenshots of Enjuku’s website to see our work for them.







In comparison to the previous year, Enjuku Racing saw a 31% growth in monthly traffic to the site with sessions increasing from 3,369,588 to 4,417,276. Overall revenue increased by 27%, from $10,063,564 to $12,761,329 compared to the previous year.

Two months after launching the new site, their monthly organic revenue increased by 33%, from $98k to $130k compared to the previous month. Organic transactions increased by 38% and organic traffic grew by 21% in this time period as well.

Their Google Ads have also performed extremely well; a spend of $190,791.53 generated $5,317,870.85 in revenue, for an ROI of 2,687.27%


Google Ads revenue



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