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Since 2009, Kratom Country has been promoting overall wellness through holistic practices. This kratom company supplies its customers with the highest quality premium kratom leaf, powder, and capsules at the best prices. After experiencing declining website traffic and revenue, the client contacted us to help them get back to pre-declining levels. We helped them meet and exceed their key performance indicators (KPIs) with our proven search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategies.

See how we helped Kratom Country grow its organic traffic by 694% and organic revenue by 133% within the first few months of working with us.


Kratom Country had been experiencing drops in revenue month over month in the year prior to working with us. The client wanted us to help stop the decline and start growing, with the goal of surpassing earlier revenue, transactions, and website traffic levels. We conducted a thorough website audit and discovered several issues including a missing HTML sitemap and Robots.txt file. Despite having a product schema present, there were several warnings of multiple code snippets. Several pages were returning 404 errors, there were internal links to missing pages, the site was experiencing slow page load speeds, and had some user experience issues with the page layout on mobile.


We verified the brand’s business profiles in Google and Bing. Our team designed multiple mobile-friendly infographics for the brand’s rewards and loyalty programs. Our copy team completed numerous blog posts and optimized content for Kratom Country’s web pages.

Many of Kratom Country’s customers left positive reviews but these were not visible on the website. We added customers’ reviews to category pages. We also updated the website’s footer and added certified Yotpo Review and Money Back Guarantee badges



We implemented several conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies. Among these were the implementation of a bold Go to Checkout button, as well as adding more secure and fast payment options. We also showcased trending products and highlighted shoppers’ updated carts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


We added breadcrumb schema to the website to enhance the website pages’ listing in search engine result pages. Our developers removed duplicate snippet codes and fixed all product schema errors. We added an HTML sitemap enabling search engines to better understand the website’s pages and index them accordingly. We also enabled the missing Robots.txt file so that search engines will be instructed to crawl and be notified of the pages that should not be included in the crawl.

All oversized images discovered in our audit—including banners with text and links to other pages—were compressed and reuploaded. We updated the home page to have a clickable phone number and contact email address. Our team created several business profiles across various high-authority websites to further establish Kratom County’s online presence, promote the brand, build backlinks, and improve search engine ranking positions.

Link Building

We analyzed Kratom Country’s backlink profile and identified several spammy do-follow links. Our link builders contacted the webmasters of these links to have them removed. We reviewed competitor links for outreach opportunities and checked current links for spammy links or links that led to missing pages. We redirected 404ing backlinks to active pages. Our team reached out to high-authority websites and successfully secured new backlinks for the client. We also reviewed the website for internal linking opportunities and added several internal links to encourage users to visit other pages and improve page rankings.


Kratom Country saw some significant improvements in key metrics, namely: organic users, organic new users, and bounce rates. Within the first few months of partnering with us, ecommerce conversion rate grew 225.5%. Transactions also grew 364.6% one month after working with us compared to the previous month. Revenue for this same comparison period grew 348.1%. Our efforts helped Kratom Country consistently grow its monthly revenue in excess of $100,000.





Within a year of working with us, Kratom Country’s organic users increased by 450.2% and organic new users by 586.2% compared to the previous year’s data. Bounce rates decreased by 22.7% for this same comparison period.





Keyword ranking positions also significantly improved. Our efforts saw Kratom Country ranking at first or second ranking position for multiple high-value, relevant keywords.

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